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About Us

Based in Scotland, Triogen Ltd. manufactures a full range of ozonators and UV disinfection systems. Degrémont Technologies– Triogen also supplies ozonators and UV systems for industrial applications. All products come with a full warranty and after-sales back up and we offer commissioning services world wide.

Triogen Ltd. supplies its products through Degrémont Technologies–Ozonia subsidiaries and a global network of specialist distributors. Triogen Ltd. is also very active in Industrial Water Treatment and offers a full range of UV systems for multiple applications as well as the full range of Ozonia products.

Triogen Ltd. welcomes your enquiries for either Pool or Industrial equipment and we hope you find our website of assistance.

Company Milestones 1983 - 2007
1985 Triogen introduces full ozone systems to Australia
1986 Triogen supplies full ozone equipment for Edinburgh Commonwealth Games
1987 Triogen introduces slipstream ozone systems to Canada
1990 Triogen supplies full ozone equipment for Auckland Commonwealth Games
1994 Triogen supplies full ozone equipment for Canadian Commonwealth Games
1995 Triogen supplies full ozone equipment for Hong Kong Government Pools
1998 Triogen supplies full ozone equipment for Asian Commonwealth Games
1999 Triogen introduces Uvazone combined ozone-UV systems and win a Millennium Design award
2002 Triogen introduces Spazone combined ozone-UV systems
2003 Triogen introduces Uvaray UV systems.
2004 Triogen introduces UV250-500 ozone systems.
2004 Triogen introduces Uvaspa UV systems.
2005 Triogen introduces TES low pressure UV systems
2007 Triogen introduces SLP Low Pressure HP UV Systems

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