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Ancilliary Products for Pool Systems


A range of stainless steel in-line strainer baskets for use in swimming pool UV installations.
The strainer should be fitted downstream of the UV disinfection unit in an easily accessible flanged section of pipe to allow removal and emptying in the unlikely event of a glass breakage within the UV reactor.
Pressure drop information is given in the data sheet and should be taken into account when calculating the overall water treatment design.

UV In-Line Strainer Baskets


A range of stainless steel bends for use in swimming pool UV installations. The bends can be used in the inlet and outlet connections of the UV reactor to ensure that the UV light does not effect the connecting pipework if this is being installed utilising normal uPVC piping.
The bends are manufactured from 316 SS and utilise galvanised MS backing rings and can be supplied to either BS4504 NP16 or NSI 150 LB.

UV 90 Bends


A range of in-line static mixers for use in Full Ozone installations. The mixers are manufactured with two internal mixer elements and the complete units
are manufactured from ozone resistant uPVC throughout.
The mixer should be installed in the main recirculation pipeline downstream of the ozonised water return line to ensure correct mixing of the two water streams
before the ozonised water is fed to the ozone reaction tank.

Ozone In-Line Static Mixers


An automatic vent valve for use in venting Ozone contact vessels.
The automatic vent valve is designed to be mounted adjacent to an ozone contact tank to control the water level within the vessel as well as venting of unused ozone gas. The valve is manufactured from ozone resistant materials and is used in conjunction with the ACF range of Off-gas Destructors.

Automatic Vent Valve


A range of off-gas destructors for use in Full Ozone installations.
The destructors are used to destroy any excess ozone that is present in the air stream vented from ozone contact vessels.
The destructors are manufactured from uPVC material with GRP wrapping and contain Activated Carbon granules for ozone gas removal.

Off Gas Destructors

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