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Systems for Hotel & Club Spas

Systems for Hotel & Club Spas

The water purification systems shown below are most commonly used on commercial hotel or club spas, all of which will give superior water quality and improved atmospheric conditions.

The choice of which product to use is really based on the spa volume, expected bather loading and customer choice as well as initial capital cost and on-going running costs.

These products have been specifically designed for use with commercial spas knowing the difficulties that can arise when trying to maintain good water standards within a small volume of warm water. Triogen can assist in advising which system would be the most suitable for any specific application.


The Uvaspa ss range of equipment is a cost effective addition to the Uvaray and Uvalite range offering small pools and spas the benefits of medium pressure uv technology at lower cost. The reactor body is supplied in stainless steel with upvc connections and ms backing ring flanges. The units have a unique lamp and thimble removal system which allows easy manual cleaning without the need for any special tools.
Units are available for flows up to 75 m3/h.

UVASPA SS Medium Pressure UV Disinfection Systems

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