Disinfection by ozonation or UV-irradiation are two reliable methods applied in Aquaculture. Bacterial and viral diseases create serious problems in aquaculture.

Use of surface water in flow-through systems represents a risk of contamination by introducing waterborne fish pathogenic microorganisms.

Such contamination results in heavy losses in aquaculture worldwide, and has also limited the progress in commercial farming of new aquacultural species.

Ozonation and UV-irradiation are used in disinfection of makeup waters (low organic loads), recirculating aquaculture system waters and various aquacultural applications, e.g., reducing or eliminating potential pathogens associated with live prey and surface disinfection of fish eggs.

Compact Ozone Generator for Private Residential Pools

triogen® O3 S

The Compact range of wall mounted ozone generators incorporating ceramic corona discharge modules for powerful performance and long term reliability whilst operating under vacuum for operator safety. A full range of accessories are available including compact vacuum air dryers, contact-degassing units, vent systems,injectors and pumps. By combining units, outputs range from 1 to 8 grams per hour.

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

triogen® TOGC

The triogen® TOGC are corona discharge ozone generators with variable output complete with an integrated oxygen concentrator and compressor. These models produce up to 8g/h, 13g/h or 45g/h, respectively, for smaller industrial ozone applications.

Each system incorporates function indicators, feed gas flowmeter, oxygen concentrator and variable output control, as well as a compressor driven oxygen concentrator with automatically regenerated desiccant columns.

OZAT® CFS Series Ozone Package

triogen® O3 CFS

The triogen® O3 CFS range is Triogen's answer for small to medium sized ozone applications. The design is based on feedback from hundreds of operators and includes the latest technology to ensure continuous operation at full load in industrial environments.

An triogen® O3 CFS range integrates the ozone generator, the power supply, control system, process related control equipment and interconnections inside a single compact cabinet. The control system ensures flexible operation and allows integration into all types of plant concepts.

triogen UV Integra Disinfection System for Aquaculture Applications

triogen® UV Integra

The triogen® UV Integra range of UV systems are designed for the disinfection of intake, discharge and recirculating effluents at fish farms and on Well Boats. Integra UV systems are also perfectly designed for de-ozonation of ozone treated waters. The Integra system eliminates pathogens with a powerful dose of UV light delivered by strategically placed medium pressure UV lamps.

triogen UV SMP Disinfection System

triogen® UV SMP

The triogen® UV SMP range offers compact and high efficiency system for medium and large ponds, lakes or water features with a range of flow rates from 23 to 1 000 m3/h with exceptional reliability and ease of operation. The medium pressure lamps are powered by electronic ballasts. The lamps are inserted in pure quartz thimbles isolating them from the water. The lamps can be easily changed when indicated by the micro-processor control unit. A UV sensor is available in option to monitor UV intensity. The periodic maintenance of the system has been made very easy by allowing the removal of the full lamp assembly.

triogen UV SMPVC UV Disinfection System

triogen® UV SMPVC

The triogen® UV SMPVC medium pressure UV systems have been specifically designed as cost effective units for use in Aquariums or other salt water applications with a range of flow rates from 20 to 115 m3/h (85 to 490 GPM). The reactor body is manufactured in uPVC material to avoid internal corrosion that often occurs with welded fabrications. The use of our quick release lamp powerhead connector also allows quick and easy lamp cleaning and replacement. The system utilizes simple controls for easy operation.

UV Ozone Generator for Private Residential Pools

triogen® O3 XS

The triogen® O3 XS range of low output wall mounted ozone generators incorporating high intensity low power UV lamps specifically designed for residential pools, jacuzzis and spas use. The systems operate under vacuum conditions for operator safety. A full range of accessories are available including contact-degassing tanks, vent systems, injectors and booster pumps. Ozone outputs up to 0.5 grams per hour.

TR2 UV Disinfection for Private Residential Pools

triogen® UV Ultra

The TR2 range of ultraviolet units is designed to provide residential swimming pools and spas with a cost effective UV system for disinfection and improved water quality. The reactor bodies are manufactured from UV inhibited polymeric materials making them suitable for use with pools utilizing salt water chlorinators or standard chemical dosing. The units simply connect to a suitably protected mains power supply and come complete with union adapters, pressure gauge and flow-switch. Units are available for flows of 11, 22, and 32m³/H.