Large Pool Disinfection Systems

Commercial Pools

The water purification systems shown are most commonly used on large pool installations such as local authority pools, Waterparks and Olympic pool sport complexes.

The choice of which product to use is really based on the pool volume, expected bather loading and customer choice with regard to the use of either Ozone or UV, both of which have different merits.

These products can be supplied with a complete range of accessories such as injectors, vent valves, strainers, carbon destruct units, etc.

triogen® has over twenty years experience in the design and implementation of large ozone generators & UV disinfection equipment and can assist fully in their integration into the overall water treatment system to ensure that the advantages of using ozone or UV are maximised.

Uvaray CF Medium Pressure UV Disinfection Systems

triogen® UV CF / CF-LT

A cost effective alternative to the standard Uvaray UV Systems utilising similar Medium Pressure UV lamp and ballast technology. The UV vessel has an in-line design and is manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel. The in-line design makes it simpler to install and results in lower capital costs and power consumption when compared with standard UVARAY systems. The control Panel incorporates the usual Uvaray® microprocessor control, Smartdrive® automatic wiper system, UV intensity monitoring, and power turndown for overnight operation. Units are available for flows up to 1,000 m3/h.

triogen UV SPA

triogen® UV SPA

triogen® UV SPA range of equipment is a cost effective addition to the range of triogen® UV systems offering small/private pools, spas and aquariums the benefits of medium pressure UV technology at lower cost. The reactor body is supplied in stainless steel with uPVC connections. The units have a unique lamp and thimble removal system which allow an easy manual cleaning without the need of special tools. Units are available for flows up to 75 m³/h.

o3 M Ozone Generators

triogen® O3 M

A new range of ozone generators that are a direct replacement for the M4 range. These units have been designed to operate under vacuum conditions thereby eliminating the possibility of ozone leakage. The generators include air dryers with pre-chiller, dewpoint monitoring and now incorporate frequency inverters for higher ozone yield as well as fully variable automatic ozone output control. Standard units are available with outputs from 65 to 650 grams per hour - higher outputs on request.

triogen AOP

triogen® AOP

The triogen® AOP offers the unique process of advanced oxidation for treatment of commercial swimming pool water. This process combines the disinfection properties of ozone and UV making the triogen® AOP the most advanced pool water purification system available.

Compact Ozone Generator for Private Residential Pools

triogen® O3 S

The Compact range of wall mounted ozone generators incorporating ceramic corona discharge modules for powerful performance and long term reliability whilst operating under vacuum for operator safety. A full range of accessories are available including compact vacuum air dryers, contact-degassing units, vent systems,injectors and pumps. By combining units, outputs range from 1 to 8 grams per hour.

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