Industrial Disinfection Systems

Industrial Disinfection Systems

BIO-UV Group has considerable experience in the industrial uses of UV systems. Both BIO-UV and triogen® systems (UV and Ozone) have a long record of industrial implementation. The equipment has been used in many industrial applications such as waste water, potable water and process and high purity water. Other applications include cooling towers, water bottling and pharmaceutical water purification.

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

triogen® TOGC

The triogen® TOGC are corona discharge ozone generators with variable output complete with an integrated oxygen concentrator and compressor. These models produce up to 8g/h, 13g/h or 45g/h, respectively, for smaller industrial ozone applications.

Each system incorporates function indicators, feed gas flowmeter, oxygen concentrator and variable output control, as well as a compressor driven oxygen concentrator with automatically regenerated desiccant columns.

M6 Ozone Generators


The triogen® O₃ TOGC2 is wall-mounted corona discharge ozone generator featuring a stainless steel enclosure. This model produces ozone up to 4g O₃/h using air and 10g O₃/h using oxygen. This compact system is commonly used in various ozone applications for industrial oxidation processes, drinking water and waste water.

M6 Ozone Generators


The triogen® O₃ LAB2B corona discharge ozone generator is a small air-cooled unit specifically designed for laboratory research. It offers a compact system to obtain a variable ozone output up to 10g O₃/h. Operating on various feed gases such as dried air or oxygen, the LAB2B can produce concentrations up to 10% volume.

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

triogen® UV LPTS

The triogen® UV LPTS range has been especially designed for water deozonation and can be applied after the ozone generator. It offers a high efficiency system to obtain ultrapure water for electronics, semiconductors and pharmaceutical industries.

Lamps producing UV at a wavelength of 254nm will reduce the ozone concentration down to below the measurable limit of 0.005mg/l (5ppb), by transforming the Ozone (O3) back to Oxygen (O2). The UV system can be controlled so that they are only on when the water is being drawn from the circulation system.

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

triogen® UV SLP DVGW

The triogen® UV SLP DVGW range offers a compact, low investment cost and high efficiency system for drinking water with a range of flow rates from 25.8 to 528 m3 / h.

UV disinfection consists of a physical, chemical free process, directly attacking the vital DNA of bacteria, micro-organisms and parasites. Simple to use, low pressure UV lamps have a longlife of 16,000 hours. The system utilizes simple controls for easy operation.

Ozone Generators

Ozone water treatment offers a uniquely powerful disinfection and oxidation method for applications including removal of bio-film, iron, manganese, colour and pesticides. Ozone treatment has good flocculation properties and is often used in conjunction with filtration and absorption stages in water treatment processes. Ozone also has the important property of breaking down quickly, with an almost complete absence of by-products, rendering it attractive for a wide range of process applications. triogen® by BIO-UV Group supplies a full range of ozone generators including the OZAT, Membrel® and TOG ranges as well as ozone generators for laboratory and other industrial applications.

UV Systems

UV disinfection and photo-oxidation are non-chemical methods for instantaneous water treatment. Wide band medium pressure ultraviolet equipment is also used for other applications, such as TOC reduction or deozonation or dechlorinatiion in high purity water. UV systems can be used in conjunction with ozone and other oxidising agents and catalysts to promote advanced oxidation reactions. BIO-UV Group supply a full range of medium and low pressure UV systems for disinfection and other industrial applications.