Ultraviolet Disinfection


UV Disininfection

Ultraviolet light (UV) is highly effective at inactivating bacteria and viruses and also for oxidising organic species in water, when utilising medium pressure polychromatic lamp technology. Ultraviolet disinfection consists of a physical, chemical-free process, attacking the vital DNA of the bacteria directly, including examples such as parasites, Cryptosporidium or Giardia, which are extremely resistant to chemical disinfectants. In addition, it reduces chloramines by a variety of mechanisms. UV technology has advanced to the point where it can easily enhance the disinfection and oxidation of all sorts of pools.


  • Proven ability to safely reduce free chlorine levels
  • Substantial reduction of chloramines and chlorine consumption
  • Effective against chlorine-resistant microorganisms
  • Reduced skin and eye irritation
  • Neutral regarding THM levels
  • Significant improvement to water and air quality
  • Improved algae control
  • Savings in power and make-up water consumption
  • Increase in the lifespan of the swimming pool fabric and building
UV Disininfection


TR2 UV Disinfection for Private Residential Pools

triogen® UV Ultra

The triogen® UV Ultra range of ultraviolet units is designed to provide residential swimming pools and spas, ponds and water features with a cost effective UV system for disinfection and improved water quality. The reactor bodies are manufactured from UV inhibited polymeric materials making them suitable for use with pools utilizing salt water chlorinators or standard chemical dosing. The units simply connect to a suitably protected mains power supply and come complete with union adapters, pressure gauge and flow-switch. Units are available for flows of 11, 22, and 32 m³/h.

UVASPA SS medium pressure UV system

triogen® UV SPA

triogen® UV SPA range of equipment is a cost effective addition to the range of triogen® UV systems offering small/private pools, spas and water features the benefits of medium pressure UV technology at lower cost. The reactor body is supplied in stainless steel with uPVC connections. The units have a unique lamp and thimble removal system which allow an easy manual cleaning without the need of special tools. Units are available for flows up to 75 m³/h (60mJ/c㎡) and 112 m³/h (40mJ/c㎡).

triogen UV CF / CF-LT

triogen® UV CF / CF-LT

triogen® UV CF, a cost effective system utilizing Medium Pressure UV lamp and ballast technology. The UV vessel has an in-line design and can be manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium. The in-line design makes it simpler to install and results in lower capital costs and power consumption. The control panel incorporates triogen® microprocessor control, Smartdrive® automatic wiper system, UV intensity monitoring, and power turndown for overnight operation. Units are available for flows up to 1,000 m³/h (60mJ/cm2) and 1,500 m³/h (40mJ/cm2).

triogen® UV CF-LT, a cost effective alternative to the triogen® UV CF utilizing the same in-line design, UV lamp and ballast technology but incorporating a manually actuated wiper system and a standard control system. The reactor body can be manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium and a UV intensity monitoring system is offered as an optional extra. Units are available for flows up to 415 m³/h (60mJ/c㎡) and 622 m³/h (40mJ/c㎡).

Aquaray® SMP-WF UV Disinfection System

triogen® UV SMP

The triogen® SMP range offers compact and high efficiency system for aquariums, aquaculture and water features with a range of flow rates from 20 to 750 m³/h with exceptional reliability and ease of operation. The medium pressure lamps are powered by electronic ballasts. The lamps are inserted in pure quartz thimbles isolating them from the water and can be easily changed when indicated by the micro-processor control unit. An optional UV sensor is available to monitor UV intensity. The periodic maintenance of the system has been simplified by allowing the removal of the full lamp assembly.

Integra UV Disinfection System for Aquaculture Applications

triogen® UV Integra

The triogen® UV Integra range of systems are designed for the disinfection of intake, discharge and recirculating effluents at fish farms and on Well Boats. triogen® UV Integra systems are also perfectly designed for de-ozonation of ozone treated waters. The Integra system eliminates pathogens with a powerful dose of UV light delivered by strategically placed medium pressure UV lamps. Units are available for flows up to 2,500 m³/h (90mJ/c㎡) and 4,700 m³/h (30mJ/c㎡).

Aquaray MPVC UV Disinfection System

triogen® UV SMPVC

The triogen® SMPVC medium pressure UV systems have been specifically designed as cost effective units for use in Aquariums or other salt water applications with a range of flow rates from 20 to 490 m³/h. The reactor body is manufactured in uPVC material to avoid internal corrosion that often occurs with welded steel fabrications. The use of our quick release lamp powerhead connector also allows quick and easy lamp cleaning and replacement. The system utilizes simple controls for easy operation.

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

triogen® UV SLP DVGW

The triogen® UV SLP DVGW range offers a compact, low investment cost and high efficiency system for drinking water with a range of flow rates from 25.8 to 528 m³/h.

UV disinfection consists of a physical, chemical free process, directly attacking the vital DNA of bacteria, micro-organisms and parasites. Simple to use, low pressure UV lamps have a long life of 16,000 hours. The system utilizes simple controls for easy operation.

TOGC8X, 13X & 45X Ozone Package

triogen® UV LPTS

The triogen® UV LPTS range has been especially designed for water deozonation and can be applied after the ozone generator. It offers a high efficiency system to obtain ultrapure water for electronics, semiconductors and pharmaceutical industries.

Lamps producing UV at a wavelength of 254nm will reduce the ozone concentration down to below the measurable limit of 0.005mg/l (5ppb), by transforming the Ozone (O3) back to Oxygen (O2). The UV system can be configured to operate only when water is being drawn from the circulation system.

triogen® UV Ancillary equipment

The triogen® UV ancillary equipment complements our recommended UV models to ensure the highest standards in installation, durability, safety and servicing. A range of ancillary equipment is available including strainers to prevent foreign objects entering the main process water after the UV vessel, and 90o stainless steel bends which protect customer’s connecting plastic pipework from possible UV radiation damage.